February 25, 2017

   “In the middle of much activity there must be much patience. We have covered many steps to take in the middle of chaos and yet we cannot know or advise on all details. This is why we emphasize PATIENCE and STRENGTH over and over again. Many will be surprised at strength they didn’t know they had.

   Terror rides a fast horse and awareness must be taken to keep control when feelings of terror begins. For the Light to Shine, there must be Much Clearance. As said before, this special time has been planned since the beginning of time. The care taken and the love manifested in each step is an awesome display of the Light and Love creating it. There will be much confusion and like being in the middle of a storm it must be endured. There will not be time for explanations. The “Earth Is Changing” can be a start. The planning that has gone into this day is without number for it has been in progress for quite some time. You and others will gain or understand with knowledge as actions progress. I would say for many, don’t try to be a hero. Take Care First Of Family And Those Under Your Care. I will return. I go leaving this thought:

The Lord Is Your Shepherd
God Is Your Creator
Be At Peace.


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