February 26, 2017

     “I am here to give an extended view of some of the changes. The entire explanation has become monotonous, but no word is regretted. The understanding has grown and that makes for a worthwhile period of time. It is understandable that the idea seems a long way off. There is, in some parts of earth an awareness that something is going on in the Skies, but there is no way for explanation as it lasts for such a short period of time. Watch The Animals. They will begin to sense something different and appear nervous. That is when you shift to ALERTNESS.

     What is this about will be a difficult question to answer for there will be sights previously unknown. There will be a Shock as people begin to realize the enormity of changes and loss of life seems to spread. It will take consciousness to begin to understand and because of the suddenness of the changes there will be an uncomfortable feeling of not knowing what will manifest. PACE YOURSELF and BE KIND TO YOURSELF. Understanding will take patience and frustration must not grow when understanding is not possible. Do not try to analyze each day’s action.

     The world will feel upside down and time must be found for the MIND TO REST. Taking steps must, at certain times, consist of no movement forward. The Mind Must Have Time To Rest.   I go.”


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