February 28, 2017

   “We enter a level of a confused time. The speed of time is being noticed and adjustments have been made for the most part. We come closer to rapid change where decisions must be made quickly or the day seems to end soon after it has begun. This is when stress can manifest if there is not determination and planning. This can be noticed at school and businesses. We think there may be an uneasy feeling or sensing. Steer clear of negativity as much as possible. We see a beginning time when feelings seem different. By this we mean perhaps a sensing or an inner reaction. Take A Breath, Stop and Take A Slow Breath To Calm Yourself Against Tightness Within, A Feeling Of Frustration Without Any Obvious Causes. It is a time to be Kind To Self, not to push too hard, to take a few moments of Deliberate Calmness. The Skies are full of Light that does not show. Those who have a set daily pattern of living will have much change to become accustomed to. There must be an awareness, a stepping back and looking at one’s own state of mind and consciousness of how the body and the mind are responding. This is not a difficult conscious procedure, but a Development of Consciousness. Find what helps to make a shift if you find feelings are getting out of control. Have Faith, read the Light within. I go for now.”


   “ When you are on heavenly work it is also good to take a few moments to just Be.”


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