February 29, 2017

     “I am here to again speak of the future. You have experienced bits and pieces of what is to come. I am talking about the Signs In The Skies, the Increase In Fast Moving Time and what is known to some, The Visitors In Their Ships. Yet each day almost seems like that before, but there are many who are just now becoming aware of ‘sensing’ that they cannot describe. This is important. As small changes begin to be noticed, the next step will probably be curiosity, looking for an explanation yet not finding one. It is when there will be seen and heard differences not noticed before, perhaps a difference in nature, a difference in people or a difference in Self. Most of these things will then be tossed aside, but may reappear in memory at a later time. It is at this beginning time that those who already have awareness tuned up, meaning become aware of listening being in place and received without judgement. This is more of a quiet time, a time when the body begins its awareness. Do not form ideas too quickly, just be open and aware of what you experience. The awakening should be soft and determined. If you do not feel enough attention has been given, then form a picture of what you see and do your deep thinking at a calmer time.”




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