February 29, 2017

   “In the evening Sky you can sometimes see unexplained movement. There is much activity that is not seen, an unfortunate loss of beauty until recent discoveries. Light that is created on earth is sorely missed when electricity is not working. This is being mentioned to bring awareness of changes. Most people think automatically of having the electricity fixed, but what if it is a major repair that takes time. This is mentioned because some changes will be unexpected simply because it is different. So we say to you who read these words, learn to feel comfortable with change. Repair Takes Time and Effort. With the many, many different experiences to come it is important to not let anger take over. ADJUSTMENT TAKES TIME. Don’t berate yourself because you are angry, Changes Take Time. Over and over we say the Light Will Change And So Will You, for ALL Will Have To Make Adjustments. Be Patient. BE KIND TO YOURSELF.”



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