March 1, 2017

     “In the evening there is a smoother channel path to follow. You are correct that this is the beginning of SEEING or KNOWING SOMETHING HAS CHANGED. In this case it is seeing and feeling that time has begun to speed up. Attunement is the next step meaning when to absorb a pattern of energy and when to let it be. This is based on individual knowing of the reaction of the body. It would not be helpful to go into detail because each person is different and ready at different stages. You will find that for all its power there is a relaxing feeling. The purpose is to help the body to adjust, to feel a connection inwardly.

     We are at a time and space where more people will start Sensing. In some countries it is dealt with as a Gift and in truth, that is what it is. This cannot be rushed. Having different reactions to the feelings is also a part of the steps. There is no competition if two people or more have different reactions. It is what fits best, what is accepted. No comparing should be done for a smaller flow may mean as much as a larger flow on someone else. Enter the world of newness as various experiences will light the way. More later.



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