March 2, 2017

     “On the way to bigger changes there are, in many places, signs becoming more visible. It is puzzling that they are not drawing more attention. People are generally too busy, but, of course, there will be a time when they cannot be missed. This is what makes it more difficult as it is not step by step, but a Jump Forward. Lightning strikes and all take notice, but this is different. When the can’t miss aspects begin it will be hard for some people who have been very closed off. Stretch the mind forward and see lots of blank places, scenes of chaos and change. Then there will be those who showed no interest paying intense attention. You cannot rush people into knowing or looking. Each person is walking his or her own steps. It will be difficult to bring them up to date. Slowly we ease toward the time of knowing, but there are already people who want things to happen now. No one knows the exact time of ‘Sounding’, but once it is given there will be immediate awareness. It is important to stay current on messages. We see that there is much to do and the pattern will continue.

     Watch the skies as often as you can for you will begin to see colorful variations. Looking up the meanings will give more insight. It is like putting together a puzzle. Little by little understanding will be there and strength will be strong. Persevere. Now there is adjustment, but later as your Light begins to shine, it will seem as if the knowledge you have has always been there and perhaps it has.”



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