March 3, 2017

   “Moving through time mentally becomes confusing. That is why quiet, relaxing time is valuable. You saw the many signs in the Sky today (March 3) and saw how quickly they disappeared and yes, they were beautiful, but gone too soon for viewing. There is a purpose for this involving the inner parts of the signs and the length they can manifest.

   How to communicate with celestials is unknown to most and the majority would not care to participate. ‘The Skies Will Open’ has been heard many times, but there is much mystery as to how, when and what will be seen. Also, seldom mentioned is the fact that different perceptions will cause different things to be seen even though at the same time. Artists will find the memory hard to recapture because of the speed of changing views. You experienced today an almost child like delight at the beauty you saw. This elated feeling will also manifest in many, many others. LOVE SHINES. Here I would say to all, let the good feelings flow, let delight come forth or in some cases sheer, awesome wonder. I say these things because they will come and go so quickly there should be an awareness that remains of the memory. The animals may respond. Although there are very difficult times ahead, it is important to remember the BEAUTY OF THE HEAVENS.


(Note: m: Today, directly in front of my door I saw this in the sky.

A perfect cloud formation which was
E (but facing in the opposite direction.
Beside it U but square shape.
E U       It disappeared almost immediately. )

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