March 3, 2017

     “Peace be to you. I come from a different home and I am here to help with information. I have been given permission to do so. Listen as I now begin. YELLOW is a color that is not rare in flowers, but is rare in certain countries. It is a COLOR OF STRENGTH. When there is change and turmoil it seems to disappear, yet it will appear again. When you are surrounded by CHAOS, THINK YELLOW. See it in your mind’s eye and let it slowly surround your body. See it as it does so. This is a help to your body, particularly when there are times of change and stress. The other information I want to give is commonly known and that is breathing. However, it is a somewhat different way of controlling the breath. WHEN FEAR INVADES, hold your breath momentarily WITHOUT INHALING. Let the breath you have just sit without taking a breath. You may feel a little pressure in the heart area. Let it sit momentarily – perhaps a count of 3, then take a little breath (with mouth closed) and then inhale gently and slowly, breathe normally. This is my contribution. (m: I thank you. Can you give me your origin?) I am from The Beginning Of Time, MY Home Has No Name, but it is known for its LIGHT and is sometimes referred to as LIGHTNESS. I must go, I wish you well.” (m: And the same to you.)



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