March 3, 2017

   “Listen well. It is overcoming to see and hear things changing. It takes a strong awareness as to the meaning of words heard but not seen. Patience may seem a strange thing to suggest when there is much turmoil, but is a KEY TO BALANCE. Some will be bothered by the human sounds they hear and the barking of frightened animals. Staying calm will be helpful though it may seem impossible at times. Water is essential and at times difficult. The other necessities are evident.

   There will be an urge to panic but again, as said before, calmness must be part of the reaction to changes. There will be birds who seem to fall from the sky but they can survive. Children, of course, will take special attention, but once they understand it is for the GOOD OF THE EARTH, and they have CAREFUL SUPPORT they can make progress. THE LIGHT Will SHINE Is A STATEMENT THAT SHOULD BE KEPT IN THE MIND.

   Coming will be those who can soothe, a feeling that surrounds you and buffers the turmoil. Be aware that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There will be many scattered throughout earth who are waiting, unseen, to help when it is necessary.   GOD WILL NOT FORGET HIS CHILDREN.”



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