March 5, 2017

     “This is for more than casual reading for it is what might be called a Thinking Message. In times of discord there are many people who take action in ways they normally would not do. Sometimes that means a heroic act, but other times there are ‘off the chart’ disgusting items where thinking of the outcome or others who might or would be hurt does not appear. There will be those who go off the deep end and they must be treated with careful reactions. This is not to cause more worry but to steer clear of those who begin to act in a wildly fashion. If it is within a family, reaction there must be calm. In the midst of change some people cannot adjust and again, care must be taken. CALMING or DISTRACTION are the two most common steps to take.  If these methods do not work, outer official help must be called.   Shield the children as much as possible that they do not get caught up in the physical reactions.

     In the midst of the negative happenings, be one of those who can Encourage, who can Calm, who can spread Peace. GOD IS LOVE, speak out for help. Remember that this is necessary clearance for the Heavenly Light to come. In spite of the negative, think of the Light to come. Be at peace.”



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