March 5, 2017

     “This is a different message than the preparation methods. When Nature has been cleansed it will be the time to not only enjoy the new Earth but to contribute to it. Many of the plants that will begin to grow will be a different type. Some may have to be observed for a period of time for the new apples, the new fruit to appear. There will be many new plants and trees and they will have a different look than was shown previously. This will confuse some people and delight others. There will be an instinctive feeling as to the plants that can be divided, eaten, and enjoyed. Very little, if any, will be poisonous for if one shows up, it will not survive. The colors will be beautiful and the trees a wonderful sight to behold. There will be a calming effect that will draw more people than is what experienced now. The beauty will have a calming effect. There will be more who are willing to sit quietly and absorb the calming colors. The Skies will be honored for the beautiful energies which Float To Earth, and a wonderful feeling of Quietness and Peace. The Plants and the Trees will sparkle as some already do.

     Peacefulness will be a wondrous experience for many who previously have struggled with numerous problems. It is impossible to imagine this though some have already seen unknown images in their dreams. Musical Sounds will sometimes be heard. Remember these and other MIRACLES are ahead after the turmoil is over.   BLESSED BE.



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