March 5, 2017

   “ When you are contacted by the Celestials, be Polite and Listen to what they have to say. It may be a word, a sentence, or several comments. They should ALWAYS BE GREETED WITH RESPECT Following Their Lead As To When To Speak or Just Listen. Many have found how important it is to take notes if possible or directly after communication. As clearly as the words can be spoken, they can disappear. Ask those who channel and you will find that most have learned this as they start to write and the mind is blank. Even quick notes can be helpful, but once you get caught up in the beauty and preciseness of the words and the voice heard, it can disappear in your mind quickly. The few of you who are hoping to have a visit must remember to SHIFT YOUR EYES SLIGHTLY so that you are not looking directly. Their Light is extremely high and Earth Eyes Must Adjust Slowly. Let Them Lead The Conversation and Be Prepared For A Quick Leave. There Will Be Wonders To Behold.”



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