March 6, 2017

     “In the morning people react in different ways. Some are ready to start the day immediately and some need time to get the day’s actions started. When these patterns are disturbed it becomes harder to function. This is a small example of what the patterns will be as changes begin. This can also affect the body, so again, flexibility is required. When changes happen right in front of your eyes, that too can be unsettling. Knowing this ahead of time gives those hearing this time to begin to mentally picture what it will feel like and even practice change. These changes cannot be learned overnight even in those who have good mental control. The circumstances cause a tightness within the body as it is adjusting to Sounds and Energies. It is not expected to be done over night, but progress must be made.

     Patience is needed and guidance, a feeling will come forth. Those who are strong minded and think it’s a slight adjustment will find their head spinning if they assume it just takes a minute to move forward. This is when, again, there needs to be a Select and Careful Step taken. Over and over we say There Must Be Strength. It is a sharing of the Light. It cannot be pushed. Practice to gain control that will be needed.”



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