March 6, 2017

   ‘When the Sky appears with a Deep Blue Color, begin to take more notice than usual. You and others may begin to hear more sounds and tones. This does not mean that others should hear, but for groups of people to tune to Different Sound. This means Sounds only they hear. You have already been experiencing this. These sounds are like tone directions, meaning there is an awareness that comes with them that the inner self may recognize. It is like toning up an instrument. You have already seen periods of extra movement with your pets. It comes and go as they pick up different energies. When things begin to pick up speed, remain centered and don’t get caught up in it. Try to see things as if from a distance, somewhat emotionally removed. As time moves on, Light Workers will begin to be more alert instinctively. It may be frustrating that as these guidance tones come more often it will be difficult not to share, but remember, most people not only do not want to hear it, but if told, they would ignore it. Those who are alerting themselves will find the quietness of the knowing is actually more acceptable to the body and the mind. It will be obvious that there should be more concentration. To all the Light Workers I say to LISTEN CALMLY AND CAREFULLY. DO NOT TRY TO THINK AHEAD BUT TO CONCENTRATE AS YOU TAKE STEPS. YOU WILL RECEIVE GUIDANCE.”



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