March 8, 2017

     “You and others are beginning to feel various energies. This causes fatigue until your body has adjusted. It is like training for a marathon. Little by little there will be a more balanced feeling and less tiredness. In the meantime, there continues a flow of necessary information. The symbol you saw today (clouds) in two lines and the snowball perfect forms are larger which means the impact of the energies contained are changing. This contributes to change to come. This is part of finding the manner that it affects humans and causes a feeling of going in circles. That is why we trim the length and manner that tells things are changing already. It becomes over whelming and just stopping and resting does help bring out some feeling of balance. Step by step is a good term to remember as these adjustments do not come about overnight. Resting may not, at first, seem to help but it will buffer the effects of the energies. This then will make it easier to move on to more guidance. Slowly, slowly move forward and find what is connected to you that will help. Sunshine is helpful, but for momentary short periods of time. Be patient as you walk through these steps. Don’t move too quickly. Give your body a chance to relax and take extra time if it is available.”


     (note: m: This is a different type of tiredness. It is suddenly there and it is as if every bit of energy inwardly has left. If you try to ignore it, you will find yourself stumbling and having to brace yourself. Sitting down for a few minutes doesn’t work….you have to lie down or take a little rest. It’s as if the inner part of the body has been cleaned out and there is nothing there. Usually lying down brought about quick sleep.)



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