March 9, 2017

     “You have seen the increase of the Signs in the Sky, and we are well aware of the lack of interest. Part of the problem is that the majority of the people do not look up or are at a job that does not allow them to be outside. We will see how things change when the SOUNDS being. We move forward on the Light Path. You’ve heard the expression ‘keep your eye on the goal’, but on the Path Of Light there must be times when what is seen or felt should be set aside and renew self with quietness. This gives time to review progress or lack of it. We pause on our journey to look more inwardly for the knowledge learned can smooth the way for the next step forward. Live In The NOW, but give time and thought to what has been learned in the quiet time. We ask that you express patience for Light Workers for they are hard workers and sometimes need to communicate silently.

     The aspect of a Huge Chain Of Thought is perhaps comforting, but it is better to separate Self for an inner feeling to manifest. Our thought is that the speed of time has distracted most from more awareness. This is the people trying to slow down the speed and push aside the learning which is in front of them. Begin To Listen. Do not draw conclusions or even meanings, but give thought to move aside. Practice Being At Peace even if it is only for a few minutes. We go with this short message, but will continue in the next day.”



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