March 9, 2017

     “You see that I will be returning at different times. We have covered the basic facts needed to be prepared and how to take first steps. This information has either been received warmly or scanned over quickly. Those who scan will find it more difficult when the changes become evident. Now we move forward. When the Major First Steps have been released there will be a Sense of Bewilderment. Some will withdraw and some will wander in confusion. Do not let the requirements of living become overwhelming for there will Not Be The Usual Pattern Of Life and the Unknowing can be disturbing. It is when this happens that it is best to literally proceed One Step At A Time. Those who live regimental lives will feel somewhat lost for new patterns must be created. We do not know the pattern of Sound And Movement, but Preparation For Various Reactions should be Planned and Mentally Ready To Balance The Sounds. It will take Strong Determination To Control The Reactions Of The Body.



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