March 10, 2017

     “Tomorrow, Saturday, is a day to watch the Sun and the Sky. You will notice that there is a darker color around the signs in the Sky. This is an indication of strength. As you know, much time and work has gone into the things you will see in the Sky. This shift today will be a ‘turning’ you might call it. It will or should draw attention. Based on what has been shown so far, it is possible that it may be bypassed by many. We see that the change in some trees with their outer leaves have not been noticed and yet the leaves are sparkling in their brightness each day. It is, of course, understandable that where there is unusual cold weather it has not manifested.

     Over and over we have repeated our words to imprint them in the minds of those who are looking for guidance. Change Comes Quickly, then, of course, there will be the beginning of intense reactions. Stay outside the storm means to observe but not to be so caught up in it that personal thinking shuts down. It is at these times that balance must be incorporated in physical reactions. If you stand alone you must realize there is unseen help around you. They may not be seen, but they will be there to guide.”



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