March 11, 2017

     “When the sound appears it is best to buffer what you hear if possible. This means cover the ears if necessary, but don’t block the sound entirely. Though disturbing, the Sound contains tones within that contribute to the environment. Amazingly, the Sounds send energy to the bodies of all on earth. This may be felt by some but others react to the uncomfortable and probably annoying vibration. The Sounds have been treated majestically with careful insight and knowledge. The annoyance will not be the particular sound but the Loudness and Continuance Of The Sound. The question will be ‘when will it stop’? When the Sounds do stop there will be relief, but also wondering as to whether it will begin again. Because this is the beginning of obvious change there will be confusion, fright and stress. We cannot divulge all of the happenings but we intend to give help and knowledge one way or another. As is generally known, there are many, many ships close to earth. Some Light Workers see their shapes and wave, others are dealing with weather that prevents seeing.

     Another thing to know, about the time you become used to one pattern, whether it is SOUND, MOVEMENT, or LIGHT, when you feel adjusted there will be another pattern to hear. This will affect the nerves of some people. How life proceeds remains to be seen as it involves the courage and adjustment of those involved. There will be Moments Of Peace. You are more capable than many of you know. Remember There Will Be Ships and Beings above who will guide and send helpful guidance. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. GOD’S LIGHT WILL SHINE.”


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