March 11, 2017

     “It is time to move to another stage. There is only so much time we can give to preparation. We now must move forward. When the Sounds come and Light With IT, there will be more confusion than what might be expected. The reason is the amount of stress that people are already experiencing. So many unexplained behaviors, so many worries, so many stressful and unhappy people and an unbelievable amount of killings. As a result the unknown manifesting will trigger scary reactions and lack of control. These people who show this behavior should be avoided if at all possible. If it involves family or friends, help might be needed. To hear of these things is to prepare and not forget that things will be rough for a period of time, but the Light will shine as has been said before. It is the mind and feelings that need to be activated with a strong conscious effort. When stress or fear shows up, stop, as again said before, and regain control of the body. The Strength Of The Mind is evident in unusual and unknown stressful circumstances. We See, We Hear, We Know The Purpose. We see Mother Earth becoming limp, struggling to survive and in some cases being poisoned. There must be thorough cleansing or She would perish.

     In between the major happenings it will not be easy to return to former activities in the same way. Do Not Dwell On The Changes. Try to begin to adjust to change. For those who have families the task will be more complicated. Respond to the most disturbed first, calling out for others to be calm, to reassure. It is also important to remember that there may be a series of happenings one after another. Stand Steady and Brace yourself and Remember To Breathe.


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