March 11, 2017

   “The stage is set. Preparation has been checked over and over again. The Sky has been filled with love and care and is ready for the next step. Sometimes these steps are taken and it is not known. In this case a decision was made to take further steps though they are small ones. The Sky is the portrait. The Sounds will be the Musical gift to Mother Earth. This has been known and we repeat, since the beginning of time. It will be received at different levels, different reactions by different clans and people unknown. How people react to these gifts will decide how the Earth will respond. For those who become angry I speak these words. Would you rather that the earth disappeared and was never known again?     There will not be time for discussion as to why this is happening, but it will unfold as if reading a book. Those who know and the Light Workers will want to explain, to calm. However, it is best not to go into detail because there will be too much attention needed for what is happening throughout this time. Say little, say best to wait for explanation, but say this GOD’S DIVINE WISH. There will possibly be anger at the statement, but the only other possibility was the disappearance of the Earth. The mind will be too busy adjusting to one change after another, additionally to those who pass on. It can be over whelming, there will be fear. Each must concentrate on Self and Family first. Do not involve words or explanations that would cause stress and anger. Make it short. Remember this: IT IS GOD’S WISH AND HIS LIGHT WILL GLOW.   That is all for now.



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