March 16, 2017

     “Be at peace. We are speaking today about the unknown. What we mean is what is to be after there is the Major Shift On Earth. The difficult steps have been told. We speak of the mental adjustments. There will be a surge of thoughts after people decide how to adjust to the changes that have been made. We refer to the mental thoughts or lack of on spiritual adjustments. Because there will be many adjustments, for most, the spiritual side may be squeezed out. This may not be detected because of the overwhelming changes. Still, there must be room for thoughts, for remembering. What did the Sounds show, what was the reaction. What was annoying, what about children, what about pets. It may seem that it is difficult to know what steps to take, to feel what’s next. Do not let frustration overtake your thoughtful searches. Some may feel a difference.

     Perhaps there is a need for awareness of the physical realm around you. If you become overwhelmed you must stop and concentrate on clear blankness, just as if you were starting to write on a clear, clean sheet of paper. Just rest, relax and let your Inner self-speak to you. When your brain has calmed down, turn to the future. Look ahead and mentally see if you can perceive the particular aspect needed. If you see nothing, take that as the time to just work on creating a quiet, calm space. Blessed Be.



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