March 17, 2017

     “There is much to cover. I am on a particular mission with this message. So many times there have been guidelines given and explanations and for the most part they have been well received. The purpose of this message is to inform what may already be evident. The number of killings in your country has increased. The tension that is not visible is shown in the incredible amount of horrors involving strangers who may suddenly fall into danger or lose their life. It will be some time before this changes. It is wise to be cautious in a way not required before. Sudden bursts of anger are manifesting among strangers. This increases the need for caution. The children that are either abandoned or mistreated continues to rise in numbers. It is difficult with changes that can have serious effects on many people.

     What seems to work to some may be, in some cases, a tightening of the law that erodes the former reputation. Some people are being manipulated and are not aware of some losses that are involved. Noble ideas do not show as to their real effects. People must be more Alert to not getting caught up in casual decisions. You and others have noted that many people are too casual with changes. So to bring this to your attention which may lead to surprises, is a suggestion. THINK CAREFULLY ON WHAT YOU SUPPORT. BE OPEN TO LISTENING MORE CAREFULLY, FOR All LIVES WILL BE AFFECTED BY WHAT IS TO COME.”



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