March 19, 2017

     “Time is moving swiftly. On the surface there is a normal feeling, but the difference in the signs in the Sky indicate a change. Persevere in things that are to be done. It is known at a glance that we see an ever increasing pattern, a previously mentioned pattern of unrest, killings, and children abandoned. Yes, there is still a surface normality, but it will not last. The uproar or troubled patterns for your country will continue. It is a disturbing pattern that is dividing people. There is worry that was not there before. Again, it is suggested that unless it is necessary, that pattern of distance appears to be the only thing that can help at this time. When we look ahead we look with a calmness, a sadness as has been mentioned. There is a sense of a growing pattern of discord. There are people who work at concentrating on making their mind, their space a calmer area. Mentally seeing it, imagining it is uncomfortable, but helps in balancing and bringing in an outlook that can help change the environment. Take a moment and ponder how your outlook affects others and continue or work on creating a smoother area.


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