March 22, 2017

     “Listen well. There will be much work ahead. This is only the beginning. Coming soon has been written many times and as a result the statement is mostly ignored. We cannot be more explicit. For many of the Light Workers this has been a time of separateness . There are too many ‘blocks’ in people’s minds. This is not the time when people are ready to hear new ideas or comments on the unknown. For those who manage to present some aspects of what they know, it is frustrating to run into a brick wall or a negative comment. This will change, but it will take awhile. Many people are very aware of the strange behaviors they hear about almost daily and the disregard of human life. The earth is being treated with disregard. There is a valiant effort on the part of some people in emphasizing the importance, a very detrimental process. There Will Be Change. That is fairly understood as changes have been appearing right and left. There is much more which will become apparent soon. It is inconceivable that so little caring is in the minds of the Earth’s inhabitants.

     Clearance must take place for a New Beginning, for the Light to Shine. This has been said before, but it moves to the forefront of needed attention. To the Light Workers – be inwardly connected. Listen for the voice within and then steady yourself as you listen for guidance.”



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