March 22, 2017

     “We shall begin. I come at a different time as the connections are smoother. “In the future” is annoying some people because there is no ‘hook’, nothing to anchor the information as far as time. However, there are times when some clearance can be given. We have pointed out the signals in the sky, yet they have for the most part, been ignored. Now we give a clue. As the Sky Turns Gray, it is, usually, a change in the weather or because of the weather at different times of the year. We suggest now that you become More Aware Of Sounds. A very high pitch will be heard by those who have extremely good hearing. Others may have a different feeling in the body which is a toning. Most brush this off and try to mentally close it off. We say: “LISTEN. Even if it sounds like far away sounds of rain or if it is annoying, do not turn away. Simply LISTEN for these are New Energies Which Are Connecting By Sound. Yes, it can be Annoying, but letting the smoothest flow makes it easier on the ears and the body. Some who let it flow may be surprised to feel it floating within the body. Be, at Peace, Relax the body and Let the Energies Flow. That is all for now.”


     (Note: m: I am used to hearing sounds but I had already begun to hear a stronger sound. What was different is described above –‘feeling it floating within the body.” For me it was feeling pressure in the chest area, a type of heaviness for a few moments and then, though the feeling returned to normal, there was a slight feeling of change.)


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