March 22, 2017

     “The days ahead will be very busy. You have been given information regarding Sound and Listening, not trying to lock it out. We would add that it is a good practice to be open minded and not react with annoyance.   Notice where the Sound ‘lands’ in your body whether outwardly or inwardly. Do not be disappointed if it is different. Sounds attract that which disturbs, but if the listening and feeling is open, the result is much different. Some may feel a slight difference in the inner body. If the Sound is louder than usual, pay close attention as a Thought can be Illuminated.

     There are many strange things going on in the world. It would appear, at times, that common sense has disappeared, but center Self and Listen when there is a stirring of the Sound. Do not strain, simply be open. There might be an increased sense of annoyance.”




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