March 22, 2017

     “The world, for the most part, is still oblivious to what is coming and what is changing now. What is important is that the word is getting out there with signs to look for like the Sounds. If one can flow along, can adjust to the changes as they appear, they will be more prepared to face the bigger happenings. It is when things begin to happen quickly and people change from no interest to total interest that the turmoil will begin to show. No amount of warnings or even step by step information on what to do will help. It will be too big of a shock and fear will reign. The shifting of the Earth is a Major Happening with eons of time being used to carefully plan for needed steps. A step at a time.


     There will be a flow of messages. These are steps as we proceed forward. This is an unusual time as we prepare the way and give the clues which have been chosen. It is difficult not knowing who is reading, but know that the Light Workers are hearing the messages and sometimes the message behind the written message is being received.

     The difficulty that lies ahead is the speed that comes with the changes. It is important that as these changes appear that the first step is deciding the adjustments that must be made, and seeing that if it doesn’t work, moving to a different pattern. To complain or be upset will only increase the tension. There should be no blame for it is a New Manner Of Living and finding something doesn’t work is not failure or trying harder, but simply trying something different. Like a child learning to walk there may be times there’s a feeling of falling down or moving backward. Simply learn what does not work and Change The Pattern. If you are not where there is verbal support, turn inwardly and look for feelings of support there. Be aware, as said many times, you are not alone. Blessed Be.”



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