March 23, 2017

     “In the coming days the Sounds will increase for those who can hear them. Simply listen and observe. We see a ‘split’. There are those who are becoming very aware and are listening and those who ‘could care less’. The difference means a support for those who hear and a lack of support for those who are ignoring. There are some who do not hear anything. You might consider this as a block of patterns.

     The world is in turmoil which is evident to most people. Now is the time to create patience within but realize that things are already changing. How each person relates will depend on individual personalities. There are many who harbor stress and worry. Many are creating a pattern of ‘go, go, go’ or ‘work, work, work’. This, of course, is very hard on the body and the mind. We would like to see families taking time for quiet moments if this is possible. Mentally, no matter the circumstances, a quiet few minutes of calming the brain is helpful. We send love to those who are struggling and encourage you to know you are not alone. Reach the Courage Within. Be still and know I am God is a good way to reach the Inner Self. Be at peace, we say, be at peace.”



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