March 25, 2017

     “Many times we have repeated steps to take and signs to observe. Because the signs have come quickly, most have been ignored or taken as just a change. We have most recently spoken of the Sounds yet they have not been strong enough to draw attention. We move forward with another step.

     Begin to make a closer contact with Mother Earth. This is a problem if you live in a city and there is not enough time to search out a park or area not covered with stores and people. If this is a problem find something you can see and if you are still blocked then image it in your mind. We are aware this has also been said before. We would like to have you Check On Self. When was the last time that you found a few moments to rest. Those who have families, you make time for the younger ones, again, you may say that this has been said before and that is true. Do something different. Make time to Listen to others. Stop and listen to the feelings within. Now we ask that you listen when you are around nature. You may have an unusual sensing like what you would do to relate to the tree, the flowers, the statues in parks. Try to hear as it being separate from the actual thing you are looking at. What does it feel like where you are located? See if you can find any changes or a feeling you might have. Take note of your Pattern Of Living and Be Prepared for any New Sensing you may have. That is all.”



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