March 27, 2012

     “We advance forward step by step. The Skies seem to be calm, but there is much going on. The line up of attached clouds was an obvious connection, but the reason is not to be given. The Sounds previously mentioned have not been as loud or disturbing as was expected. Pre-planning has to be changed at times with added steps or a not so forward steps. This, understandingly, is frustrating to those who are alert but there are many minute changes made depending on weather as well as other reasons. Patience, even among those who are well practiced is wearing thin. We are aware of this, but some changes must go through steps unseen until connections are made. We feel there are those who are surprised at the length of their patience. This will show as a helpful step in the future.

     Listen well. There are increasing bizarre behaviors being seen or heard of. Many people are aware that they need to be more alert for their own safety as well as teaching children to be more alert. When the flowers change color, it is Mother Earth expanding in new ways. Again, most do not notice unless they are used to gardening. There will be scenes ahead which will be breathtaking in their beauty. Look at small things in nature and see if you notice differences. Persevere.”



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