March 28, 2017

     “I come at odd hours for time is moving quickly. We have seen the sky filled with signs unnoticed and the sounds muted. These steps have been taken and again we move forward. It is wise to be prepared and the question that follows is prepared for what? Most have read or heard or been guided to consider the steps, but not always in a clear manner. Still, the foundation is laid and many will know when the Big Step begins. So what do you do now? The question that appears in some minds is answered by stating ‘we wait’ and for some that is a long, long time. Waiting causes weariness. Perhaps it is time to think of what you are accomplishing and what you want to accomplish in the future. Then, for the future, what if what you surmise doesn’t happen, what then? Most people do not think that far ahead. Try to find time to consider what might be done. ORANGE, the color orange just popped up. So what is the meaning? It involves PROTECTION and should be used with care. Examine the meaning, and with that I must leave.”



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