April 1, 2017

     “The winds blow, the snow falls and weather shows its strength. In the warmer areas the new flowers appear, but are hardly noticed. The earth is changing and lack of care stands in its way. Additionally, the carnage, the unrest, the worry flows forward. Earth is hurting and people are being killed at an increasing rate. It seems there is no hope for change, but Change Is What Is To Be and that will take Adjustment. This has been said in many ways, but the requirements of life overtakes room for peacefulness. At the time when inner strength is needed, no time is created for inner awareness.   So we say to you who hear, make even a small change, a few moments to stop and ‘smell the roses’ as has been said.

     The sounds are being sent, but we see that the high pitch is beyond most people. Perhaps just sensing will bring forth the awareness needed for the high pitch tones. The path ahead is not easy, but you can calm yourself. Consciously observe and find small wonders around you. If this does not work for you, give yourself the Gift Of Quiet Reflection for there is only you. Honor your Self, your Being and look upward and beyond.”


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