April 6, 2017

“We are here. The time is changing. By that we mean there are significant changes that are not yet known. Those who hear the high pitch tones are far between. We see your wave of the hand that tells us you have heard. We see a rush of actions unknown and this may be seen in sudden hyper reactions from pets. There are many problems in the world and there will be significant actions. During this time when the mind will shift its attention it is important to keep a space within that cannot be rattled, a deliberate sanctuary of peace. Once that is done, the next step is to bring forward that energy and mentally surround yourself. This may take practice, but it will make a change in the energy around you. Let it be a shelter for the outer you. We will give guidance and may communicate at times other than the regular schedule. Be alert to your body’s reaction and then firmly take the necessary steps. This, of course, goes to others who already sense what we are referring to. The messages will be, as foretold, short and fast. To those who understand these words, Be Firm And Steady. You are linked to our words though you may not know it. Listen with your inner self, and with these important words, we leave for now.”



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