April 6, 2017

   “The signs have been seen, the Sounds heard by few and the unusual serious weather noted. Many have lost their homes. The dark side shows its horrible results. Many in the world are living in fear and worry about the next meal that has to be found. Yet there are those who share love, those who are helpful and those who save lives. It is, overall, a dark time. We see those with talent, those who agreed to a contribution who have created a sheltered mind to avoid the unknown, to play it safe. The Light within dims and the door to the inner knowledge is tightly shut. We wait as do those on earth who hang on, who find ways to adjust, who acknowledge the Light daily. It is such a massive strange mixture of those who take a step, who keep alert, and those whose steps are like that of walking through mud. We begin to see the clear division of those who know the Light and those who hover in fear and darkness. The choices have been made and the price for those who hide will be to learn a terrible lesson as those who hide from fear will find they are surrounded by it. We wait. We can only prepare for what we will see ahead. Blessed Be.



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