April 8, 2017

     “Many awareness comments have been given. Some have been noticed, some arriving and gone before seen. Perhaps there is already a reaction of ‘here we go again’, yet each is important for varying reasons. Having pointed this out I say for this message, simply ‘Pay Attention’. Some have noticed changing colors in flowers formerly of only one color. This is one of the signs predicted. Now Begin To Watch For Another Change. The day will seem to have a division. This means you will start the day and the weather indicates a certain atmosphere and then it will change and appear to be a different climate or a change in the brightness. A cool atmosphere and then warmth, a day with little Light and then the Sun Shines. The wind blows and then it stops. Even the birds will become aware and will adjust to changes. Once you have seen how this progresses it means you need to adjust to various changes. This, of course, will affect businesses and schools and in one way or another children, families and animals. Be flexible.

     Nothing will be accomplished with complaints. This is the time where adjustment and patience are tested. Keep track of the changes including what you have already noticed. It is an adventure, but it should not be taken lightly. Giving some thought to possibilities will prepare you for what has already begun.”



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