April 9, 2017

     “As adjustments are made there will be those who fight what cannot be changed. Those who want things to be as they were, not unknown changes on a daily basis. Eventually they will have to adjust or they will have to deal with an upset body and mental disturbance. For some it will be a challenge depending on their life style. Those who have children will need to lead them by example. Seeing the reactions of parents will set the stage for their own reactions. Some may treat it as a joke, but that will not last long. Some will find that complaining becomes very annoying to others who are adjusting.

     Change has been predicted for a long time. Think how these changes are spaced for there is a reason not to be told at this time. How it will affect you will take determination. This is not like a show to be watched, it is the most visible continual change that is the First Major Step Of Adjustment. Take note of the effect on the body. The Light Will Shine and the Earth Will Begin To Show Signs Of Change. Be patient with the animals, and most importantly, be patient with Self. It is a Time Of Beginnings.”



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