April 9, 2017

   “Listen Most Carefully. Be patient with the animals as they will be adjusting as changes begin. This is a huge step forward requiring not only adjustment but steadiness. This is not only Strength of the Mind but also Strength of the Body. It is becoming aware of the effects on the body and learning how to adjust. This is not an easy step.   As the changes become stronger it becomes more important to find balance. This is not easy to do as the changes and effects can, at times be felt as a disturbance. The knowledge of how to handle this may just be realized only to have to learn the next step. There is no pattern that can be relied on. For some it may be like a merry go round without a merry feeling. We eat at different times of the day and you will find the human body will also have to adjust as you walk your path. Some have turned away from the path, but these changes cannot be ignored. Reassuring others may not be received well, especially those who expect a short time frame but changes that continue can cause frustration, even anger. One Must Walk The Path Carefully. Again, reassure the animals for they may be nervous and annoyed. Walk the path carefully, but walk it with intent. Adjustment Will Become A Way Of Life.”



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