April 9, 2017

     (Adriane was asked by Sandalphon to call for a message for both of us to hear.)

   “I am to serve in the message I give. I am very far away, but will be closer than I am now. There is much I want to say so this may be longer than usual and yes it is to be included on the site. The turn of events is changing quickly and there must be a quick response and also more connection. We are at a Turning Point. LISTEN WELL. There are many who have no awareness of Changes or Signs in the Sky. This is not too unexpected, but there is a layer of anger tied around many. This layer can burst forward and spread like evil. This is the time to stay somewhat separate. Those who are negative toward new concept will show anger when they are faced with what they cannot deny. It is wise to depart from an area where anger is boiling over. By that I do not mean move, but simply do not get involved in double anger. This is the time when Light Workers should put on their armor. This may seem out of place, but by armor I mean to surround yourself with a barrier of Light. Do not get involved in breaking up an argument or if one starting with you , leave it. Do Not Get Tangled In Another Person’s Evil.

     The Sound we predicted did not reach as many people as expected. Only those with high energy heard the Sounds and a far away quick Light of Energy. (Adriane heard what sounded like electrical static …high pitch ringing in both ears, deafening, and the low pitch earth vibration sound like blowing in a bottle.) We felt there would be more, but the range of the Sound was too far away for most ears. We are at a point where the emphasis on what to be done has been completed. We now are going to begin and hear variances in energy. This will also affect the body more so than previous signals. (a: The earth body needs more time. Too many people are becoming ill. They need time to adjust. If they don’t slow it down, there will be a lot of people dying.)

     “I hesitate to try to place the next experiences in people’s minds. Again, we have seen signs, beautiful signs and yet it only attracts attention momentarily. This will change and there will be a spreading of what I will call an uncomfortable feeling which seems to grow. Breathing slowly is what needs to be done and surprisingly, not a heavy burden of energy around the body, only a Light Ring. This ring, however,  should be carefully placed. The focus is individual, but for the most part it should be at waist height and again, like a Light Line.

     I have been many places, but as said, I told I would return. Marcia, you will be writing a lot. Prepare mentally to write what you hear and you will be guided as to placement. Again I say, Separate Self. This does not mean hiding away, but having the pace you’re in being one of peacefulness. Continue until the safe feeling is felt for you may feel the urge to describe or explain, but that will come.

     To the Speakers, the Light Workers who hear my name and know my guidance. I say to you, I AM HERE and my GUIDANCE will speak at various times, but with helpful knowledge. We Begin Again, and SO IT IS.”



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