April 13, 2017
     Marcia with Adriane

     “We greet you and we are changing our plan today as there are the two of you. As you know, there is much turmoil on earth and additionally, there is much going on at the celestial level. Things presented are not always seen or heard as predicted. This is a major time though it may not seem so. This is why there has been more than the usual words to explain changes. We see that there is an unusual amount of disbelief in information sent. We believe this is because of all the turmoil on earth and as a result, there is, let’s say, a crowded mammoth flow of happenings on earth. We definitely feel that when it is time for obvious changes there will be more of a shock as people have blocked out the information and have not shown interest in the Skies.

     We repeat – there are changes going on. To see from our viewpoint is to see the unevenness of the earth’s movement. What does this mean? It means chaos will be more evident when the Skies open and obvious Sounds will be heard. (a: What is the end result you see?) I, we hesitate to be too specific, but it is a Loss Of Movement that is COMMON and the Increase Of Movement which is UNCOMMON. Turmoil reigns. (a: Explain what movement.) The movement of the earth will shift a bumpy ride it might be called. (a: Are we talking physically the Earth moving in space, or are we talking more spiritually and mentally movement?) It is a difficult question to answer. First, we would say mentally for earth people are used to the movement of the earth only in specific opportunities such as earthquakes and volcanic reactions.   When something new happens it creates fear and this is understandable. The newness would be unseen reactions with no visible source or mental knowledge.

     (a: Do you have anyone there who has lived on earth?) There is one and he shall speak.     …   My time was eons ago and vague in my memory. However, I understand the problem. THE CHANGE WILL BE LIKE SOMETHING HAVING NO NAME. IT WILL SEEM TO BE LIKE AN EARTHQUAKE, BUT NOT LIKE ONE. THERE WILL BE WHAT EARTH PEOPLE MIGHT CALL SHAKING IN THE SKY. IT MAY NOT SHOW EXCEPT IN FLASHES AND AS THIS IS NEW, IT WILL CAUSE FEAR. WE HAVE WARNED MANY, MANY TIMES HOW TO PROTECT THE BODY AND HOW TO POSITION THE INNER BODY FOR BALANCE. WHAT HAS NOT BEEN SAID IS THAT IN TRYING TO FIND THAT BALANCE THERE IS NOT A TREMOR THAT CAN BE FELT AND ADJUST TO IT. IT WILL SEEM TO BE FROM ABOVE AND ALSO FROM BELOW WITH THE BIG CHANGE THAT THERE IS NO PRESENT WORD TO DESCRIBE THE FEELING BELOW THE EARTH. (a: People are insensitive to the changes of earth visuals and sounds, they block it out. If it doesn’t fit into their view of the world they ignore it. They ignore it because it doesn’t fit in their view of the world.) That is an interesting view of earth that we were not aware of. (a: The only thing they won’t ignore is something they can’t ignore…only if it alters their reality. Earth people are extremely resilient. They don’t let things get in the way of their life. In a way they are tough as nails. They will not allow it to affect their life. They will get themselves right back up and make a life like they had before. We each have our own path and we don’t let other people’s path interfere with that. Their life is their life and your life is your life.)

     “This has been very helpful. It also shows possible extra problems on earth. We can give a small example. Sounds are very common to Marcia like breathing, yet if another heard the same thing it would be taken as if they had ear trouble.” (a: A big event is foretold in the Sky.) It is and it isn’t. This means that it will not always fit the description given. It is the time spoken of. THERE Will BE CHANGE. THERE Will BE CHAOS. THERE Will BE INCIDENTS THAT FIT THE NEED FOR PROTECTION AND CLEAR THINKING. THE DESCRIPTIONS MAY VARY, BUT THERE WILL BE A MAJOR HAPPENING – CHANGE IN THE EARTH VERY MUCH INVOLVING THE INNER EARTH PEOPLE WHO WILL HANDLE BALANCE. We are glad to have taken two steps forward in knowledge. It is true, our understanding of earth is clearer and we support the advanced paths that you are on. We go with much to discuss.”


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