April 15, 2017

       “The previous description is very accurate as to what is coming. Mental preparation is the best path at this time. There is so much beauty in the skies in some areas that is being missed and as said before, it will not get attention until something unknown happens. And so, we wait, but that does not mean that the mind should shut off the awareness and preparation for that which is to come. The balance for some will be how much help to offer or when to offer it. The mind becomes crowded when fear takes place.

       For those who have children, reassuring, trying to be calm is important. The pets will react more calmly if they can feel strength and calmness around them. Some may be traumatized and special attention in an encouraging way will be necessary. The Sounds have been far between what was expected yet they have reached those who are open to hearing. The information given is not to frighten, but to Give Information Ahead Of Time To Help Mental Reactions. Stay steady as you walk the path ahead.”



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