April 18, 2017

   “In the beginning of time, the days and the nights were seldom noticed as concentration was on survival. The weather was a puzzle as to how or when it would change. There was very little movement once the sun disappeared as safety was the main concern. Now, look where the world is now. There is a large variety of cultures, of knowledge of the days and nights and many who search for food each day. There are still places where the inhabitants know nothing of the world outside of their space. The turmoil is much more than what was experienced in early beginnings, yet there is a common connection in the feeling of separateness. People lose their lives looking for areas with a better life.

   How much time is spent on the Self? There are plans to be made daily either for work or family, work to be accomplished, a constant feeling of work to be done or survival on a day to day basis. Surrounded by decisions, even for those who have a good life, the most important thing is left out. When is time taken to look within, to listen for the inner voice and the answer is usually ‘I don’t have time, I’m too busy’. Perhaps there is a different barrier and that is how do I reach that most important Self? The answer is it takes determination. And how to start and the answer is that which must be sought – Quietness, realizing that it does not manifest all of a sudden. The Second – Patience can be reached with small steps at the beginning.   Also, seldom mentioned, a place where you will not be interrupted. Next, let feeling flow. Do not try to figure the meaning if you hear words. Start with Short Periods to keep the Body Alert. Keep your experience Private until you have had time to let it be for awhile for sometimes the feeling or the words come later, quiet unexpectedly. Too many people have preconceived ideas of what will happen and unknowingly they do not allow space to hear the guidance they need. God sent someone with you for Life, hidden from others but always with you. Listen and Learn.”



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