April 20, 2017

     “Peace unto you. The Skies are full of Signs, but we see that the pattern of ignoring is not going to change. There are a few who do gaze in wonder and recognize the beauty. We have covered many lessons of that which will manifest. There are those who recognize the truth of the words and mentally prepare each day. So, we move forward. At the beginning there will be much discord and in the middle it will take strength. Do not be ‘scattered’ in your mind letting it also calm down. It is the Sound that will bother the scare of most. Preparing mentally will help.”


     (Note: I was within two sentences when unknowingly I fell asleep. There was no way of fighting it….I was just ‘gone’. Later they told me that I wasn’t sleeping, I was traveling. The thing that amazed me was that I was able to write the last two lines with / in front of each one……… I fell asleep. The pen was still in my hand when I awoke.)



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