April 24, 2017
     Marcia with Patricia

     “It is not accidental that she, the one you call Patty should be contacting you. You will have connections which will be useful in the future. It is good to take time to be in connection with nature for nature takes many forms. When you are balanced with nature there are many opportunities to make contact with outer space beings of many different levels of development. We wish to set up contact with unusual Scientific guidelines. We understand you are not interested in science on earth though you are well adapted to it on other levels. The addition of your friend from the past is not accidental. Though not scientifically interested she, too, has information that will come to her. It is a balancing act that will blend to encourage Knowledge For The Future. As strange as this must sound, information will be forthcoming. And so it is.”


     Note: I was on the phone writing this when I saw three small birds appear on the same branch and another one to the front side of them. I have had angels appear as birds. It was unusual to have that number right in my line of vision and just sitting there. As soon as I stopped writing, they left.


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