April 25, 2017
    Marcia with Wendy

    (Note: Wendy does all the posting for the site and for the first time had someone speaking to her from another Galaxy. One of the ways entities gains attention is they say a name or make a sound on the phone as I’m talking with someone. I had two loud sounds before I realized it was someone from far away. I always just ask“Do you want to talk and/or I hear you. Go ahead.”)

    “I had a hard time getting through and wanted to proceed before I had to leave. No rudeness was intended.” (None was taken.) She (Wendy) is going to be busier than she knows. She will be more understanding as the book begins – purpose.” (I was given the task of writing a large book for specific reasons regarding the future. Adriane was to contribute.)

    I believe this will be outstanding work. It will take all of those involved. (m: How to start?) Start at the beginning. You will find that once there is clearness on processing, you will be able to do much more than now. I know she is there and though it is frustrating at times to deal with new processes, she is now, I think, about to understand the enormity of the process…..for now and the future. At first, it will be hard, but is as birth and will succeed. Just be patient and do not expect new things to happen quickly until the steps are in place. I am from a distant galaxy and the name is not known but I will spell it for you. It is MOTARY. (m: Am I saying it right?) Practice. MO-TA’-RY   “That is correct. (m: Awed that you found us.) I want that to say she will have to adjust to the flow of things to come. (m: She’ll do it. Can you share your name?) It is Annar. (m: How pretty. Is there a meaning?) It means Sweet Connector. (Well you did a good job once I figured it wasn’t the phone. You came through very clearly.) “I would like to say to ride the wave when there are creative new steps and then you will find your landings are smooth and with those words I have completed my goal. (Thank you so much.)                                       



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