May 2, 2017

     “We waited to give a longer message. We now begin. The skies are full of signs, unread and unnoticed. We now set this aside and move on. The Light will come, the change will come and those who have endured will be the first who recognize the beginning after a long, long wait. Preparation both mentally and physically has been given. The foundation has been laid. Now we come to the aftermath. How Do You Handle Turmoil? How do you move forward in a way that strength supports you and those around you. First, the mind moves forward quickly in the middle of trouble and turmoil. This is as it should be for It Is The Protective Part Of The Human Being.   The problem is that fear and stress slows down the what might be called the Whole System.   It has to return to somewhat normal reaction. This is where most lose their capability to control their body. We suggest practicing being aware of What Your Mind Is Doing On A Daily Basis. For most people it runs like a train non stop. Or, if there is an awareness that rest or spiritual connection helps, it doesn’t last long enough or it is not a practice of actually checking as if from a distance what your mind is doing.

     We say get acquainted, discover the Patterns, discover the Words, discover what Enters and most importantly discover what Leaves. Then, as you become more aware, discover how many times a particular word, view, or experience keeps returning. You are led by your mind, but the Leader Is You. If you look at it as a step forward, backward or stuck in the middle, you will see what ‘feeds’ your body. It may seem strange, but at the beginning the first ones on earth were mostly led by what was guided by themselves. Some did not survive long and we are not talking about levels of mental ability. Those who could learn from their thoughts survived. Those who could not, suffered from fear. When you see these things spelled out it seems odd that people do not see that They Are Their Own Guidance. Obviously, this takes awareness, practice and attention. Often times people who are very intelligent let their minds flow so fast that it is again like a train. So you see what is needed needs awareness for Only With Awareness Can You Change. We see this not as new guidance on earth but we also see that it is not understood as to the overcoming impression on the body within.

     We do not say it is an easy thing to correct or to make sure you could say it is working properly. However, when you become aware of this you can create much calmness and though there will be rough times in life, it will always be a gift that helps guide you when awareness is there. We go for now and will speak again tomorrow.”


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