May 6, 2017

   “It is difficult at times to find the right time but your sharp eye always catches me in flight. This is my message.

   Tension in the world is like a pot of water over flames. It is at a bubbling stage but has not become really obvious to the vast majority. This is why there is such a surge of horror and fear when things begin to manifest. This information over the years has been carefully selected and carefully given in detail. Some manifestation has not been strong enough in size for it to be noticed and the days move on quickly.

   Now hear this: We are turning a corner you might say. It is like walking fast and bumping into someone. It is a surprise element in the sense that it will wake people up and the step, if one feels comfortable with that word, will be one that pushes you forward. This then would be the time to prepare mentally. AN UNEXPECTED JOLT can be very disturbing as well as the effect that it has on the human body. There will be, of course, all kinds of suggested causes, but it is wise not to be caught up in the earth view. You could say it is a SIGN OF A BEGINNING CHANGE. Use my name if you feel it will be treated with respect. PREPARE YOUR MIND AND PREPARE YOUR BODY. BLESSED BE.”



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