May 6, 2017

   “As we prepare to step into the next stage it is difficult to fully prepare for the unknown. We hear the warning but do not know how to really be ready. You have heard this for years and Sandalphon’s message is clear – AN UNEXPECTED JOLT. We, the major earth people, look for the news to see how the weather is going to be and that becomes a crutch. You are told of possible flooding and other dangers but when a loud sound interrupts life, watch how quickly fear spreads. For those who have prepared for this change, it can still be unsettling because it will come with no warning. This is when faith plays an important part. Be as calm as you can be but don’t be surprised when your body reacts for it is a major part of the body’s reaction to danger. Knowing this can help you to return to ‘normal’. Give yourself time to return to normal. Don’t Expect Instant Return To Normal No Matter How Strong Or Knowing You May Be.

   Now I wish to go to another subject. You and others who have waited for years for change must still be patient. Rome was not built in a day is an earth saying that needs repeating. Stand Your Ground. To you and others I mean that it is not the time to ‘preach’ and predict what is to be for it is changing even as I speak. Some will think it is the beginning of the end when it is Truly A Beginning. Do not be caught up in those who become fearful through misunderstanding. For the most part what you and others have to say should be kept to a Minimal Amount. It is not to try to explain what has not yet come to be. A Short Explanation Is Best to those who are truly interested. It is a SIGN OF A BEGINNING CHANGE, but what that change is and how it will develop is not yet known.

   This I tell you, the body will react and its effects on that which helps to return to normalcy will vary from person to person. Don’t Compare To Others Or Give Guidance On Time for it will depend on the mind and physical health of Each Person. My words are specifically for the Light Workers, but those who have an open mind can also take notice. With these words I go for now.”



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