May 7, 2012

     (Two hawks just above the garage.)

     “Today I brought company. We speak. The times before when there were messages they had far in between words to hear. Be aware this is changing. There will be Quick, Short messages which can be combined, but there will also be more connections. This can flow and not cause concern if a steady pattern is followed. You have seen the huge clouds and their brightness. They are, as surmised, ships that are touchingly close to landing. However, it is not time for that yet. Continue to observe for speed is important. We do not give signals as to when new things happen. However, we may connect afterwards for quick comments or/and guidance. Remember a guideline given way back and that is to Shield Your Eyes. Spoken of many times there will be times when quick thinking is important. It may be a quick word that indicates a movement or the need to be careful or an alert signal. These must be added on quickly. There will be guides and angelic beings who will drop a quick word. This will be looked upon as a busy time. The challenge is to keep balanced and this goes for All The Light Workers. We, my friend and I will make ourselves known in tandem. Be at peace, but be alert.”



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